I am trained in Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD), a specialist reflexology technique developed to help with the management of secondary lymphoedema for patients affected by treatment for breast cancer.

Background to RLD

This relatively new technique was devised by Reflexologist, Sally Kay (featured in the You Tube clip) whilst working in a cancer care charity in South Wales.

After seeing the positive effects of her technique, she decided to conduct a small exploratory study where she recruited 6 participants with secondary lymphoedema from a cancer care organisation. Each participant received consecutive weekly RLD treatments with all observing significant reduction in arm volume.

Racially diverse children's feet at the beach with a heart drawn in the sand

Based on the strength of the results in the exploratory study, the Welsh Cancer Charity, Tenovus awarded funding in 2013 for further RLD research. This research was conducted in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University and in 2014 this was completed. In 2016, the results were published in the journal for Complementary Therapies and Clinical Practice.

The summary of the preliminary quantitative data, found that all 26 participants had reductions in the swelling of the affected arm. The statistical tests run on the data comparing the before and after volumes showed that all effects were highly significant. On the strength of results from the RLD research projects, and a growing body of case study evidence, plans are already in place for further research.


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