"I have seen Jill throughout my 1st and 2nd pregnancies and it has been an extremely positive experience, she is very knowledgeable and has worked on improving and relieving a range of pregnancy related issues over my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. The sessions are very calming and relaxing and I always look forward to the next one! I was recommended Jill's services via an NCT friend and I have recommended her to many of my own friends since."


I wanted to write to say such a huge thank you for our sessions. I cannot explain how much they helped. I truly believe they played a huge part in my getting pregnant. I was at my most relaxed in that room - I remember being so aware that I was in a deep relaxation as opposed to sleeping through it which meant I felt the real benefit. Reflexology was definitely the right thing to do and I felt that your approach and care was also crucial to my success story. You made me believe that however long it took it would happen. All of which allowed me to get rid of the underlying and long term stress that I firmly believe was the root of the problem. I cannot thank you enough.


I have been seeing Jill regularly for the last three years, both at Neal's Yard Clapham and in her Balham practice. Having made the resolution to be kinder to myself, I went to Neal's Yard to try reflexology for the first time. It was a revelation. Jill is highly skilled in her practice and a lovely lady to see each week. Reflexology with Jill helps me retain the natural rhythm of my body balancing out work related stresses and strains that in the past have negatively impacted on my health. I would highly recommend reflexology with Jill to anyone. She is the one to see!


I have been seeing Jill for regular reflexology treatments at the Osteopathic Practice in Balham and it is a little 'oasis of calm' with soft lighting, a very comfortable treatment bed and plenty of blankets to keep you warm during the treatment. I have been so impressed with the benefits and rewards of reflexology that I have signed up to do a course myself, Jill has inspired me!


It was a very good day when I first met Jill. I was looking to find a treatment that would help my stress and sleeping problems. It was so easy and comforting to chat through my anxieties with Jill and she seemed to understand immediately. My treatment was really relaxing and my regular visits since then have been not only hugely beneficial but a real treat too! Jill is very perceptive and intuitive when undertaking the reflexology and she gives very good feedback and advice. I highly recommend Jill for her knowledge, expertise, and her very kind and understanding manner.


I have been going regularly to Jill for the last six months and I can honestly say the results have been superb. I suffer a lot from stress and anxiety and during a particularly hectic period at work I contacted Jill. I had never tried reflexology before so I was unsure of what to expect. On first meeting Jill, her presence puts you immediately at ease. She is calming, professional and highly knowledgeable. After just the first session I felt completely relaxed and had a thoroughly restful night's sleep. My coping mechanism for handling stress has greatly improved and the boost to my immune system was also significant. I consider myself really fortunate to have met Jill and I would have no hesitations in highly recommending her.


I saw Jill during the last 2 months of my pregnancy, looking for a bit of pampering. I would always doze off during the treatment, and afterwards I would feel wonderful, like I was walking on air! Jill's treatments helped with my pregnancy insomnia, I found it much easier to drift off to sleep after a few sessions, and it also cured my annoying restless legs! Jill was always spot on in identifying where I was experiencing aches and pains and would work to address them, and she was always full of practical advice on looking after myself in my last few weeks of pregnancy.


My reflexology sessions with Jill have been invaluable to help me manage work related stress and related health problems. Her holistic advice and tailored reflexology massage has helped me to regain a regular sleep pattern and general equilibrium. I would highly recommend Jill’s therapeutic skills to anyone experiencing difficulty sleeping or high levels of stress.

Miss M

I love reflexology and find it the best way to de-stress and really, truly relax, something I’m not usually very good at! Jill has such a lovely manner that even before you start you feel nice and relaxed and she certainly knows her stuff, being able to advise me on potential areas of my body to keep an eye on. Furthermore I think she can take some credit for my wife going into labour pretty much bang on her due date with some well timed treatments. And being able to come to the house is a big benefit if you find it difficult to get out.


I started having reflexology with Jill when I was 39 weeks pregnant firstly for relaxation and destressing but also in the hope that it might start things moving (I was 2 weeks late with my first baby and therefore wanted to try and avoid being overdue with my second). The treatments were utterly relaxing and Jill puts you totally at ease with her calm and friendly manner. I saw Jill about 4/5 times as my pregnancy went 10 days overdue. My last treatment was 2 days before I gave birth and I do believe that it played a helping hand in getting my labour started. I would thoroughly recommend Jill whether it be for a specific reason or just for a treat, pregnant or not!


I can truly recommend reflexology with Jill. I find it so relaxing and such a good way to destress. Jill always sets a lovely calm and relaxing atmosphere and I can definately say I have felt real improvements in my health and general well being.


Blissful – a reflexology session with Jill makes you feel utterly relaxed, de-stressed and ready to face everyday life again. It should be viewed as a necessity rather than a treat!


Jill is highly competent in her field of work and is blessed with an innate wealth of knowledge of general wellbeing. Her extremely caring and sensitive soul makes the reflexology all the more beneficial and a truly relaxing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone.



If you wish to get in touch, please call or text me on 07909 975429 or email info@nightingalereflexology.co.uk